Midwest Showcase 2011

A recipe for successMental Toughness A Piece of Cake

Tools, Tips & Strategies for dealing with these uncertain times

This is the title of the speech I’m giving at 5th LIT Midwest Showcase, Thursday October 2011 at 12.30

I (Brian Moore) have  a compelling proposition for businesses in these challenging times. I’ll show you how to adopt the ‘mental toughness’ necessary to meet adversity; to surmount the challenge; and to prosper.

As a self-help teacher, I have blended over a decade’s top-flight experience in Blue Chip companies, with the
tents of business and personal development and mind mastery, into a powerful philosophy that helps you to
uncover your inner motherlode of resources so that you can take charge of any situation and excel.

This multi-faceted philosophy helps people to pave a pathway towards a fulfilling life, rather than just
making a living. It is driven by Brian’s passion for inspiring people to realise their full potential and to live
with passion and purpose.

My client’s have said that my gift is in listening to others, and turning their own observations and desires into a compelling,
motivational business tool. And it has its roots in, of all things, confectionery.

As a lad, I wanted to be a confectioner but was dissuaded by my parents. Having embarked upon a
number of highly sucessful alternative paths, I have few regrets about taking their advice on board.

Baking remains my passion, and I have realised that just as a culinary creation depends upon a balanced
blend of skill-set and mind-set, success and happiness in life, relies on a balance of competencies and

I help people to discover their own recipe for success. The ‘icing’ he provides is the mind-mastery that
enables people to sustain the feeling of satisfaction today and into the future.

The ‘mental toughness’ demanded of businesses these days is, to me, a ‘piece of cake’. Thursday 20th at 13.15, I will
show you how it can be for you too. If you can’t make the speech, I’ll be at my stand 142, drop by I have some great gifts to give away.

If you haven’t got a copy of my brand new all powerful life changing affirmations mp3 be sure to click the link and get it now.

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