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Paddy Power defies the odds by walking over 200 broken wine bottles

Paddy Power was my fellow keynote speaker at Mid-West Business Week 2010 in the Woodlands Hotel in Adare. So as part of his keynote “Power Your Business into 2011? he was dared to do the Glass Walk . Here’s the evidence below & better still click on the Glass Walk video to the right and see Paddy in full stride defying the odds. I wonder did he have a bet on it!!!

Paddy Power defies the odds

Paddy Power defies the odds

Fearless Tony Griffin conquers the glass walk

Tony GriffinTony Griffin former Clare Hurler, Irish athlete, philanthropist, speaker and author, took

One Step Beyond…

part in the Glass Walk challenge led by Brian Moore of Peak Potential whilst live on the Pat Kenny Show as part of the Mid West Business week. “The hardest thing I have every done…nearly” to read Tony’s full comments on the experience visit Tony’s blog -see him live if you go the Glass Walk Video to the right.