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The Ultimate Fire Walk Challenge in Ireland and Beyond!

As featured on RTE Nationwide
Seeing is Believing check out this short video above of  Brian Moore in action leading a Fire Walk in Ireland for 130 people.

Who is a Fire Walk for?

  • As an alternative to traditional Team Building events to ignite the passion of your workforce
  • Motivating a Sales Team to really get fired up and deliver extraordinary results.
  • Charity Fundraisers looking to raise significant sums of money for worthy causes but want to give back to the participants at the same time.
  • Individuals & Teams including Sports Teams who are committed to constant and never ending improvement, those people who wish to push the boundaries of possibility by doing what appears to be impossible which allows them to take the learnings and apply them to their specific challenge or endeavour.

Remember this “Nothing is Impossible when you put your mind to it” Brian Moore, F.I.R.E Certified Master Instructor.

Why would anyone want to take the Fire Walk Challenge?

  •  Can you imagine how great it would feel when you are able to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and turn them into power.
  • How much more successful would be you be?
  • How much happier would you feel?
  • How much more productive would you be?

Taking part in the fire walk challenge allows you to experience and discover the answers to the above and much more. These are just a few of the benefits of attending a fire walking event for an individual. Equally when delivered as part of a company away day or corporate event, the impact on performance, productivity and morale increases significantly. All of this in an unforgettable seminar lasting just two hours.

Perhaps the single most destructive force preventing people from achieving their goals and dreams is fear. Fear is the barrier, which stands in the way of success, risk-taking and achievement. Through confronting, overcoming and transcending one of the most common and fundamental human fears, you will learn that your limitations are not intrinsic or inevitable, but rather the result of self-limiting beliefs and fears.

Fire Walking is definitely one of the most powerful metaphors for individuals and teams that demonstrates how to achieve the impossible in life and business, to be the very best in your field, and how to never miss another opportunity!

‘The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it’ – MICHELANGELO

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Peak Potential Corporate Clients

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