Sales Training

How to Sell the Visible and the Invisible

This advanced programme is divided over two days which can  be run consecutively or spaced a week apart. The Programme is comprised of a five step sales model which incorporates some of the best elements of the leading sales programmes available on the market today.The course has been designed to meet the needs of owner managers, professionals/specialists and sales employees that sell products or services either face to face or over the telephone. Prior selling skills knowledge is desirable.



  • How to get to speak to the right person
  • Cold calling scripts that get real results


Preframe to Inoculate Yourself Against the 4 Major Sales Objections

  • Using powerfully crafted sales language
  • Designing Time Release Suggestions


Questions to Get The Sale

  • One-line openers
  • Uncovering the real outcome of the prospect
  • Differentiating content and process questions
  • Discovering your propect’s Unique Buying Points
  • How to double your sales with just 3 questions


Presenting to Have Your Clients Buy

  • Hitting values based hot buttons
  • Establishing yourself as their preferred supplier
  • When and how to use the carrot or the stick
  • Using Meta-programming to subtly influence and create desire


Closing Easily and Naturally

  • When to close at precisely the right time
  • Eliciting states of decisiveness


Handling Objections

  • The only 4 objections you’ll ever get and how to handle them
  • Reframing objections elegantly with Sleight of Mouth Patterns
  • Using Advanced Conversational Change Techniques
  • How to subtly establish the prospect’s need and find what value they place on it.
  • Securing Long Term Business and disconnecting Buyer’s Remorse
  • Maximising repeat business and generating referrals