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 Brian Moore | Speaker | Trainer | Coach |


Brian Moore & Peak Potential provides a range of Speaking, Training,  and Coaching, services designed primarily to make a real difference in the business and personal lives of those for whom I serve, I help develop people to make a real difference and enable them to contribute to their success and that of their organisations.

My particular emphasis is in developing people’s mindset and skillset within the business using a combination of quantum thinking and neuro science married with the latest developments in leadership and communication. I believe that people are ultimately the long term inner strength of all businesses.

It is my unique approach to training and development that makes the real difference in life and business. Knowledge alone is not power, it is the application of that knowledge which holds the real power.

My services include:


Communication, Sales & Relationships: “Relationship Intelligence –How savvy are you?” “Speaking for Profit or Pleasure”, “Close that Sale”, & “Negotiate to Win”

Networking & Referral Marketing: “Turning Contacts into Contracts” Network to Get Work” “Ten Commandments of Networking Success”,  “Moving Relationships into Profit” “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Marketing” & “Are You Getting Enough……?& “RSVP Your Way to Profit”

This is just a sample of the keynote presentations that are ready to be delivered immediately, however all presentations can be customised to suit audience requirements & specific outcomes of the client

Motivational Keynotes:

Get Fired Up” – Ultimate Firewalking Seminar,

“The Power of Focus” – the Ultimate Glasswalking Seminar

“Success Through Action” –involves Board Break, Arrow Break & Solid Steel Bar Bend,

“Anything is Possible”,

“Unlocking the Power Within”

“Magic of Mind Power”

These presentations have delivered to sales teams, management & leadership away days, corporate seminars, team building & charity fundraisers.


Coaching & Consultancy

All of the previous programs can be delivered on a one to one basis. As an experienced coach on many certified business development programs, Brian can quickly and easily help diagnose problems in all areas of the sales cycle & customer experience chain. If you’re not getting enough qualified appointments or your closing techniques are not working, Brian can help you get back to profit.

Conference MC

Every good conference or event benefits from a great MC. Brian has experience in acting as MC for International & National conferences, Business Awards, Corporate Events & Multi-Speaker Conferences.

Networking Facilitator

As one of Ireland’s leading experts in networking & word of mouth or referral marketing, Brian has facilitated many networking events that have not only generated outstanding feedback but real tangible dream referrals for the participants.

Sample Clients: Coca Cola, Acorn Life, Learning West, Coaching Alliance, Network Limerick, Chamber of Commerce, Super Macs, Independent Directory, Business Network International European, National Conferences & Regional Events, Referral Institute European Conference, Sales Institute, Entrepreneur Show, and EMC.