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Stress Management & Work/Life Balance | brianmoore.ie

Stress Management & Work/Life Balance

Do you want to find a healthy balance between your

personal and professional life?


Are the lines between your work and personal life blurred? Do you find stress impacting on your performance? Do you find you never have enough time to get things done? Would you like to overcome these challenges? Well now you can! Our one day program Optimum Balance will enable you to develop a healthy balance between your personal and professional life, allowing you to achieve more and lead a happier more fulfilled life, all in one day!!

If you would prefer one to one coaching or a different format to what you see below, please get in contact on 065 684 3392 to discuss or arrange a private consultation.

Optimum Balance Course Aim:

To provide a one-day introduction to work life balance, time and stress management.  To provide practical tools and techniques for helping participants to achieve work life balance through more effective use of time and learning to effectively manage stress..

What will I learn during Optimum Balance?

  Definition of what work life balance is and what it’s not

  Identify where you are in relation to achieving work life balance

  Learn and set powerful work life balance goals

  Discover a simple proven time & self management process

  Understand stress both positive and negative

  Recognise the signs of stress

  Understand the impacts of stress

 Experience a number of powerful techniques to achieve balance

 Develop a work life balance action plan

Who should attend Optimum Balance?

·         Managers, Team Leaders & Supervisors

·         HR, Trainining and Health & Safety Managers

·         Anyone who wants to achieve a healthy work life balance