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Train The Trainer

Ever Wanted To Be An Outstanding Trainer?

Our train the trainer program provides you with the knowledge & skills to be an outstanding trainer in just 2 days.
On completion of the above programme, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to impart their expertise to fellow staff members.

Train The Trainer Objectives

– To improve communication skills so that trainers can effectively develop other staff members
– To give trainers an understanding of how adults learn and assimilate information
– To investigate the various training environments that the trainers will operate in and identify the benefits and barriers of each
– To equip trainers with the necessary interpersonal skills to handle a variety of trainee personalities
– To equip trainers with the skills to handle difficult situations confidently and professionally by selecting the appropriate instructional techniques

Train The Trainer Success Criteria

– Increased confidence for both experienced and new trainers
– Confident and reliable trainers
– Improved staff motivation and morale
– Increased expertise of staff
– Successful review and development of the trainers’ style

Training Methods

The course will be facilitated and presented in a dynamic fashion with the intention of maintaining a high level of energy and enthusiasm that will encourage participation. It will combine tutor presentation, discussion, role-plays, exercises and videos. Feedback from the tutor and course members is constructive and intended to help improve skills and build confidence.

– This programme is highly participative with particular emphasis on skill development. Course numbers are therefore restricted to allow for personal attention and ensure that the needs of individuals are met.
– This programme will involve each participant delivering a 10 – 20 minute power-point presentation (depending on the size of the group). A full range of support material will be provided to all participants



Day 1 Outline

Learning Theory

– How adults learn – understanding needs & learning styles
– Understanding different personalities and their learning environment
– How we store and retrieve information
– Being sensitive to adults learning
– V.H.F. Communications – (Visual, Hearing, Feeling)

The Training Environment

– The external environment / External distractions
– Training in a classroom situation versus a public setting

Transferring a Skills Set

– How to impart knowledge
– Setting Objectives & Key points for a training module or training programme
– Communication and the role of the trainer
– Listening skills / Giving and receiving feedback
– Encouraging participation, challenging, maintaining interest

Day 2 Outline

Facilitation Skills

– Controlling the group – whilst delivering
– Being aware of the needs of the delegates
– Fielding questions – Getting the group to open up
– Facilitation skills
– Encouraging participation, challenging

Presentation Skills

– Planning and preparing your presentation
– Structuring your presentation
– Platform skills
– Speaking with power and persuasion – using your voice in order to maintain audience attention
– Eye contact – Body language – visual impact
– Overcoming nerves – building inner calm and outward composure
– Commanding attention and communicating the message
– Coping with delivery errors
– Evaluating the transfer of learning / evaluating /validating the training session